many varieties, colours and flavours.

Our tomatoes come in many varieties, colours, and flavours. From snack tomatoes to firm beef tomatoes and from yellow vine tomatoes to the unique Monterosa. Our broad assortment is available almost the whole year round.

vine-, beef- and snack tomatoes

Large vine tomatoes(also available as organic)

Medium-sized vine tomatoes

Yellow vine tomatoes

orange vine tomatoes

green vine tomatoes

monterosa tomatoes

beef tomatoes

plum vine tomatoes

round tomatoes

cocktail vine tomatoes

cocktail plum vine tomatoes

Mini cherry vine tomatoes(also available as organic)

cherry vine tomatoes

cherry vine tomatoes

Mini San marzano vine tomatoes

mini plum vine tomatoes

red snack tomatoes
(also available as organic)

orange snack tomatoes

yellow snack tomatoes

brown snack tomatoes

yellow cherry vine tomatoes

yellow snack tomatoes

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